Optical Transport Network Modernization Solution

Cut Operating Expenses by Up to 90%

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Cut Operating Expenses by Up to 90%

A Cost-Effective Path to Network Modernization

Maintain ongoing TDM services, dramatically cut OpEx, reduce the cost to deliver a packet, and scale your IP network for future growth.

A Proven Approach to Next-Generation Transport

The Cisco Network Transport Modernization simplifies your transport network by integrating both time-division multiplexing (TDM) and IP/ Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) packet traffic. The solution is built on high-density circuit emulation (CEM) and other standards-based technologies.

  • Using high-density CEM, you can continue to offer the same TDM services to your customers and maintain existing SONET service level agreements.
  • Evolve towards Metro Ethernet, Layer 3 VPN, and full IP transport whenever you're ready. No need switch over all at once.
  • The solution is supported by industry standards and it's invisible to end customers, with no new customer premises equipment (CPE) required.

High-density CEM Technology

Our high-density CEM technology provides boundless scale over a protected FlexLSP core. This technology operates on the Cisco Network Convergence System 4200 Series transport hardware.

  • With CEM, TDM services can be delivered across an asynchronous IP/MPLS network with no errors and a constant delay.
  • The CEM solution provides protection, OAM, simplicity, and manageability on a par with those provided by SONET.
  • It is also predictable and deterministic, supporting the sub-50msec timing requirements of voice services.

Incredible OpEx Savings

According to our estimates, you can save up to 90 percent with our Network Transport Modernization solution by eliminating the Digital Cross Connect System (DCS) and Add-Drop Multiplexors (ADMs). This reduces energy and space needs in your central office.

  • Complexity is reduced through a simple to use management platform
  • Cost per bit can be reduced by as much as 50 percent through the use of CEM and MPLS together with the optical transport network (OTN)

Scale to Meet Bandwidth Growth

Your network will be able to scale like never before, to more than 12 terabytes in service.

  • Scale to meet 100 GB client connections for aggregated traffic
  • With highly scalable MPLS and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, you can scale to meet an annual 50 percent bandwidth growth rate.

Preparing for Future Growth

Why spend money on legacy platforms and technologies that won’t support your businesses goals. The Cisco Network Transport Modernization solution can be used to introduce greater network automation and the digitization of business.

Packet optical with CEM is a great way to modernize, scale, trim OpEx and capital expenditures (CapEx), and prepare your transport network for future growth. It helps you evolve towards Metro Ethernet, Layer 3 VPN, and full IP transport whenever you're ready.

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