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As of October 29, 2018, Cisco’s Service Provider Video Software Solutions (SPVSS) business is now part of Synamedia.  Learn more about the acquisition and Synamedia

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Give customers a premium experience over IP with simplicity, security and scale using Cisco Infinite Video Platform.


Cisco Smart Streaming technologies, in the Infinite Video Platform, provide better visibility across the cloud, network and client, to improve your video quality and optimize bandwidth.

Using content quality metrics and optimization techniques, Cisco Smart Streaming determines the most efficient way for your content to be encoded, packaged, delivered, and played, over any fixed or mobile network.

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Bring the best of broadcast and OTT together with the Cisco Infinite Video Platform.

With the Cisco Infinite Video Platform, you can offer a new viewing experience and engage audiences in ways that television alone can't. Get ready to provide broadcast video quality on any device. Scale IP video to create personalized experiences, reduce the cost of delivery per subscriber, and offer fresh features on legacy devices. Bring your viewers closer to the ultimate video experience in ways no other service provider or internet video company can. Create new business models with the confidence and speed you need to win.

  • Linear Content
  • Reliable Video Quality
  • Low Distribution Cost
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Accelerated Services Launch
  • Video Quality Everywhere
  • Personalized Linear Content
  • Consistent Cross-Device Experience

Reinvent TV: Exceed Broadcast and OTT

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15% Cost Reduction
With Infinite Video Platform
*The platform includes other features such as Restart/Start Over, Recommendations, Federated Search, etc.. that have an indirect affect on overall revenue (Churn Reduction, etc…) but aren’t directly monetized

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Customers currently bringing what's next with the Cisco Infinite Video Platform