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Developer Days

Developer Days is an opportunity for both new and experienced customers to come together and network, share best practices, meet engineers, and learn more about what is coming next for NSO. Join service provider and enterprise network automation professionals for this two-day virtual event.

  • Date:September 14th – 15th, 2021
  • Location:Virtual
  • Time:3:00 – 5:00 pm CET
  • Attendance:Online

Day 1, Main Stage

Start Time Session Title Synopsis Speaker
3:00 pm CET Welcome! For the fifth year in a row, Cisco is holding an open community event on Network Automation for NSO users and the like. Join in as Nicklas welcomes participants and speakers to the Main Stage. Nicklas Wägerth
NSO Community Manager, Cisco
3:05 pm CET Keynote Automation A Strategic Pillar for Cisco Kervin Pillay
CTO Automation - MIG, Cisco
3:20 pm CET Customer Use Case: Verizon This is a customer success story of how Verizon ITNUC builds a CI chain to streamline the NSO development process. The containerised NSO makes testing several NSO packages in parallel possible and the Cisco Modeling Lab (CML) creates a fully controlled environment for testing. Damiano Imperatore
Associate Fellow, Verizon

Houcheng Lee
Software Consulting Engineer, Cisco
3:45 pm CET Hitchhiker's Guide to the Tooling Galaxy There is not a single golden tool that fits all purposes simply because development processes and needs are different. Instead pick the tooling you need from the Smörgåsbord and build your environment to suite your needs. Shashidhar will guide you through options and how to secure the outcome. Shashidhar Srinivasa
Senior Technical Lead, Cisco
4:10 pm CET On the Other Side of Migration Migration is something you never can escape from so it's better to make it part of your process. The remaining challenge is to determine when to give up what has been working to secure your future needs. Martin and the NSO team will guide you through key questions that you need to answer and cover best practices learned from the field. Martin Åkerström
Software Engineer, Cisco

Nils Petter Tisell
NSO Product Manager, Cisco
4:35 pm CET To the Future and Beyond How does NSO fit into the overall strategic pillar of Network Automation to build the future Internet? What is unique today and where do we need to be tomorrow? Omar Sultan will explain. Omar Sultan
Leader NSO Product Management, Cisco
4:50 pm CET Closing We are closing the Main Stage with a summary of day 1 and a brief overview of what to expect from the Learning By Doing track on Day 2. Nicklas Wägerth
NSO Community Manager, Cisco

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Day 2, Learn by Doing

Start Time Session Title Synopsis Speaker
3:00 pm CET Welcome Join Jason Belk as he welcomes the Learn By Doing attendees and speakers. This is a track for those who want to get started using NSO and for those who want to get more hands-on experience. Jason Belk
NSO Developer Evangelist, Cisco
3:05 pm CET DevNet Key to Unlock Knowledge Do you want to learn NSO and other automation? Learn some tips and tricks about how to use all the resources for free on DevNet. Stuart Clark
Software Engineering Technical Lead, Cisco
3:15 pm CET pyATS Brings Health and Verification Checks to Services Services are great ways to build network configurations for NSO, but how do you know that the network is operating as expected by the configuration? This session explores how you can use the robust operational parsers, models, and test framework from pyATS within a Python based NSO Service. Hank Preston III
Principal Engineer, Cisco
3:35 pm CET Learning Lab Walk Through Follow along with Jason as he walks through some of the learning resources newly available in DevNet! Jason Belk
NSO Developer Evangelist, Cisco
3:55 pm CET Introduction to XPath XPath is used in many different parts of NSO from must expressions to kickers, this session will give you an overview of the most important concepts in XPath as well as cover a few common tips and tricks for developing your own XPath expressions for NSO. Viktor Leijon
Engineering CTO for NSO, Cisco
4:15 pm CET Device Automation - Declarative Device Management in NSO Device Automaton provides closed loop automation for a number of common scenarios that are otherwise challenging to handle in a plain NSO environment. Simply add an automaton instance and await that it becomes ready before proceeding with your service. Marko Zagožen
IT Architect, Flint International
4:25 pm CET Live Q&A Live Q&A session with all the speakers of the day All speakers
4:35 pm CET Closing We are wrapping up the Learn By Doing Track as we prepare for the final engaging Expert Town Hall. Jason Belk
NSO Developer Evangelist, Cisco

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Day 2, Network Automation Expert Town Hall

Start Time Session Title Synopsis Host
4:45 pm - 5:15 pm CET Expert Town Hall We are lining up the best experts in a live chat to engage with you on NSO and Network Automation. Viktor Leijon
Engineering CTO for NSO, Cisco

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