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Multicloud is the New Business Reality

Here’s how to fund a network to match

Businesses need cloud services

Not the costs, delays, complexity, and poor user experiences that come with connecting them to legacy infrastructure.

120+ days average provisioning time for high capacity circuits to cloud provider

30-60 days average internal IT provisioning time for new access services for a SaaS provider

20% Increase in workload for IT infrastructure teams to add and manage new services, security, and users—from the same budget

Doing nothing about a legacy network actually costs more.

More real estate:

20% more physical infrastructure to maintain than modern ones

Slow, complex operations:

90% manual changes, more than 100+ production configurations to manage

Higher downtime:

Thousands of unscheduled
downtime minutes per year

Enabling success means transforming your network to match multicloud requirements.

Cisco can help you get the network you need within your limited financial resources.

Here are the three outcomes of our Cisco Performance IT methodology:

If you have:

A. Under-invested infrastructure consisting mostly of legacy solutions and end-of-life assets

B. Operations sized to “lights on” priorities: manual processes and slow changes

C. Projects funded and staffed from operations, leading to stop-start changes

Your outcome: Self-funded Transformation

Lower future operating costs below current-day costs with new, more efficient infrastructure.

If you are:

A. Experiencing high growth in consumers of services (due to merger or acquisition, new business, or organic growth)

B. Under-invested in a scalable infrastructure, so all changes are manual

C. Unable to quickly scale for change-oriented projects resulting in delays

Your outcome: Business Growth Transformation

Reduce the network spend growth rate compared to overall business growth

If you have:

A. Large, cumbersome, continually growing infrastructure with multiple versions of every technology

B. Year-over-year cost growth without substantial change in service quality or offerings

C. Corporate cost containment mandates

Your outcome: Cost-out Transformation

Achieve hard cost reductions through asset reduction and simplification to lower network run rate costs

Build your transformation and economic roadmap within four weeks with Cisco

You can evolve your network for the future—while navigating the economic realities of your organization with us. 

Contact your Cisco account manager today about Cisco Performance IT.