Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT links objects to the Internet, enabling data and insights never available before.

Connecting everything drives positive business results

Create new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs by managing your connected devices.

  • Connected Futures

    Only 25% of companies are successful with their IoT projects

    Connected Futures
  • M2M connections will represent 46% of connected devices by 2020

    M2M connections will represent 46% of connected devices by 2020

    Cisco Visual Networking Index
  • 95% of execs surveyed plan to launch an IoT business within 3 years

    95% of execs surveyed plan to launch an IoT business within 3 years

    The Economist

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Digital trends take to the tracks

Digital trends take to the tracks

Accelerating time-to-market for new services by 50% and improving on-time arrivals to >99%.

21st century citizen experience

21st century citizen experience

Copenhagen reduces city carbon footprint and enriches citizen experiences with digital solutions.

Closing the digital divide

Closing the digital divide

Connected buses give these New York students safer rides and access to learning resources while they travel.

Industries using the IoT

With one intelligent network infrastructure, you can improve operations, increase safety and security, and gain valuable data insight to streamline automation.

Improve your results with our IoT services


Use our services to quickly transform your operational network to an IP-based industrial network.


Address the challenge of modernizing the electric grid with the Cisco Services Connected Grid architecture methodology.


Work with our strategic and technical advisors to align security, compliance, and threat management with your business goals.


Increase efficiency, lower support costs, and improve network availability with our award-winning product and solution technical services.

We live in a connected world

Connected technology is saving rhinos. See what else is possible.

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Connected conservation
Put the IoT to work for you

Put the IoT to work for you

Improve your manufacturing business, simply and easily, with help from the IoT.

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Keep up with IoT news and trends

Stay ahead of the fast pace of the IoT by connecting to our IoT blogs for news, trends, events, and more.

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Cisco Kinetic

Cisco Kinetic

Unlock the value of your IoT data and drive better business results.


Your journey to Industrie 4.0

We can help you extract, connect, and manage data to power better decisions.

Let's keep you connected

Let's keep you connected

Reliable IoT wireless connectivity is a must in challenging industrial environments.


The dawn of a digital industrial era

IoT is evolving the manufacturing, transportation, and utilities industries.

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