StadiumVision Showcase Eden Park

Eden Park


  • Future-proof the stadium's technology infrastructure as it and deliver new, exciting experiences for patrons.


  • Cisco StadiumVision


  • Improved utility of the venue by creating opportunities to host new types of events and meetings
  • Enriched the fan experiences content everywhere to keep them engaged while they're out of their seats
  • Generated new forms of revenue with advertising and sponsor messages
  • Achieved operational efficiencies which has reduced the number of It staff needed to implement the solution

The creative and innovative use of technology is vital for us to be competitive and adapt to the demands of the tech savvy spectator who expects a media enriched experience that gets them up close to the action. Gen-i and Cisco will provide us with the infrastructure that will enable us to deliver powerful, personalised fan experiences through digital signage.
- David Kennedy, Eden Park Trust's CEO

StadiumVision Showcase: Eden Park

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