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Sports and Entertainment

Why the world’s biggest esports tournament relies on Cisco.

Top sports and entertainment venues trust Cisco

Cisco sports and entertainment solutions have helped hundreds of venues, teams, and leagues around the world better engage fans and solve real business challenges. Find out why.

Raising the game for sports and fans

We're reimagining how fans, athletes, teams, and organizations experience sporting events. From the Olympic Games to the U.S. Open, from the world's most elite soccer clubs to the number one esport in the world, Cisco technology is changing the game.

Powering the future of the entertainment industry

From connecting fans at concerts and festivals with Live Nation and Global Citizen to facilitating secure, high-quality remote broadcasts for Jimmy Kimmel Live! and CNN, the biggest names in entertainment and television turn to Cisco.

News and resources

Powering the U.S. Open

At the spectator-free 2020 U.S. Open, Cisco technology connected players, fans, media and partners like never before.

Building the future of baseball

The Los Angeles Dodgers are revolutionizing data analytics with Cisco’s hyperconverged infrastructure.

The Cisco network has entered the Realm

Cisco has partnered with Riot Games to power League of Legends and the future of esports.

New venues adjust to a fan-less reality

World-class stadiums open without fans but brimming with cutting-edge technology.