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Why Cisco for Cities and Communities?

Why Cisco for Cities and Communities?

Six reasons Cities and Communities turn to Cisco

Changing demographics. Shifting focus toward government transparency and citizen engagement in decision-making. Balancing budget constraints and economic development. Managing expectations for public safety, health and care, and equitable access to opportunities that advance the human condition. Keeping pace in the dynamic realm of connected cities, communities, and government is no easy feat. You need secure, scalable technology foundations as timeless and unique as the communities you serve. Your technology investments must not only perform for today’s requirements, but also help you modernize, innovate and grow to new heights. Cisco has your back.

Our expertise comes from experience.

We understand the challenges you face, because we live them. We’re a part of the technology revolution. Cisco has been working with city leaders for more than three decades, spanning 120 cities in 165 countries around the world. Our secure networking, collaboration, wireless, and data center technologies have long been a fixture — and our deep portfolio offers practical, forward-thinking solutions for communities looking to make their mark on the world.

We know that it takes a network to raise a smart city.

Everything you do, from lighting your city streets to providing clean water to drink and protecting public safety with faster emergency response, depends on a secure, reliable network. Your residents, employees, visitors from far and wide — and certainly your continued operations — rely on it. That’s why at Cisco, we offer intent-based networking built on the Cisco® Digital Network Architecture. Delivering a network edge that serves as your first line of defense. Opening a wealth of knowledge to granular data insights. Bringing automation that help your operations to be more resilient and reliable. Giving you mobile experiences for workers on the go. Building intuitive programmability designed for functionality and innovation.

For you, cybersecurity is mission-critical. So we build it into everything we make.

Cyber attacks pose an ongoing threat to national security, a challenge to sovereignty and freedom, and a hazard to quality of life. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to blend into our critical infrastructure networks, we are empowered to scale wireless sensors and controls in extremely efficient ways. But the IoT is also increasing the number of endpoints and opportunities for exploitation, making high-profile, high-impact targets even more attractive to those who wish to do harm. Strategies that promote continuity of services and operational normalcy, even in times of crisis, will be crucial for the health and welfare of citizens. As such, it is imperative that city organizations reduce vulnerability to growing cyber threats and proactively build assurance in the security of new and emerging technologies. Cisco’s deep portfolio offers the industry’s most comprehensive advanced threat protection across the broadest set of attack vectors. We help you build cyber resiliency into your networks, allowing you to stay agile enough to adapt and stay focused on the success of your community.

Our metric for success puts people first. Always.

The concept of smart, connected communities has finally taken hold. But for us, being smart has always been about more than technology. It means human connection. It means connecting intersections for an easier drive to your destination and a safer first step off the street curb with children in tow. It means monitoring water quality to protect public health. It means seamless public Wi-Fi for the eager tourist hoping to explore all that your city has to offer. Technology is only as powerful as those who wield it. And we want to help you build that bridge to solve, create, move, and inspire.

The word is out — Cisco is the leader for smart cities. We’ve earned this position with our integrated and well-rounded perspectives on urban innovation, strong purpose-built solutions, ongoing commitment to thought leadership, and unmatched city engagement. We offer a ground-breaking, award-winning city data management platform that can be found in cities all around the world. Top industry influencers reflect continued positive sentiment for our solutions, considered key to solving urban inefficiencies. Access to our infrastructure financing program helps you tackle funding challenges, moving you closer to achieving your smart technology goals. Not that we’re competitive. But we do like leading the pack.

We know that we’re stronger and better together.

The pursuit of digital innovation involves a great number of moving parts. Much as they do in an orchestra, these parts must work together in harmony to create their masterpiece. We work with a trusted ecosystem of partners that keep us in tune. Partners that contribute unmatched industry expertise. Collaborators that help us build technology solutions that matter for you. We like our friends. And we have a lot of them.