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Cisco Kinetic for Cities Waste Management

Dynamic decision-making

The management of solid waste is often the single largest activity that a municipality undertakes. Poorly managed waste has an enormous impact on health and the local and global environment, as well as on the economy. Optimize waste management in your city with a highly secure, vendor-agnostic, platform.

How our solution can help your city

Improve operations

Real-time visualization of waste bin status provides vital information to operators and agencies.

Reduce pollution and noise

By leveraging data, you can reduce the number of waste-collection vehicles needed, which lowers emissions.

Increase awareness

Get alerts about safety incidents, such as fires in bins or displacement of bins from designated places.

Unify management

Break down silos between agencies and operators to provide a cohesive service to cities and citizens.

Why invest in Cisco Kinetic for Cities Waste Management?

Route optimization

Get real-time status of waste bins, with fill level and overflow alerts. Check fleet status and modify routes with a click of your mouse.

Multivendor integration

Inputs to our waste management solution are vendor agnostic, which allows data to be aggregated from a myriad of sensors.

Dynamic waste collection

Receive alerts on external factors that impact quality of service, such as weather, traffic, or public events.

Real-time analytics

Gain insights with historical data and trends reporting so that you can make well-informed decisions.

New financing for cities

Our $1 billion initiative makes it easier for you to adopt smart city technology.