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The top 6 reasons retailers choose Cisco

The top 6 reasons retailers choose Cisco

We can help merge the online and offline retail experience. arrow

For decades, retailers have collected valuable customer data in application or functional silos. Today, a quantum leap in next-generation data sources has introduced millions of connected smart and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can describe even more about the needs, wants, and tendencies of shoppers. Only when all of this data is brought together in real time can a 360-degree view of the customer be seen and leveraged in the moment to provide superior experiences that are hyper-relevant to meet their personalized needs and behaviors across all channels.

Although 83% of customers expect a personalized retail experience — in the store, in an app, and long after they leave the store — only 44% of marketers have allocated sufficient budget and resources to implement a personalized technology solution. (BusinessWire)

42% of digital retail value lies in investing in enablement technologies. (Cisco Customer Survey, January 2017)

Only Cisco provides the innovative technology, end-to-end connectivity, and secure network foundation to serve the next generation of customers while simplifying operations and transforming any physical space into a programmable store.

The pace of change and scalability in retail are accelerating – and we think your network should too. arrow

Retail innovation is dependent on IT infrastructure. As retailers continue to move at the pace of their customers and leverage digital technologies, it’s imperative to reassess the IT infrastructure, especially at the store level. No matter how lean your IT team is, Cisco can help you accelerate business transformation for digital retail.

85% of all retail purchases will be fulfilled in the store by 2021. (IHL Services Research, 2018)

Deploying technologies throughout the business to improve operational efficiencies, while adding systems that can help differentiate the brand from competitors, requires unlocking the network’s full potential to build business solutions and a programmable store.

It’s not just about the technology – but getting the right solutions into the hands of your store associates to impact customer experience. arrow

As personalizing the customer experience becomes ever more critical to the retail business, it is equally important to transform the workforce experience. Improving the workforce experience directly and positively impacts staff turnover (as opposed to inventory turns), productivity, associate satisfaction, OpEx, and sales.

90% of worldwide retail sales still take place in physical stores. (Deloitte)

Overall, a positive experience with the retailer’s staff increases customers’ satisfaction by 33%. (InMoment 2017 Retail Trends Report, November 2017)

Cisco’s digital platform allows retail associates to engage with digitally savvy consumers while avoiding the rising costs of building larger teams.

We know security is the core of any operation – from data to assets to associates to customers. arrow

Retail faces more security risks than almost any other industry. The greater use of mobile devices and growing reliance on sensor-based data gathering (the IoT), increased customer expectations, and changing business goals have created new levels of vulnerability.

Only 52% of retailers think their security infrastructure is very up-to-date. (Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report 2017)

71% of retailers agree that cybersecurity risks and threats hinder innovation in their organization. (Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report 2017)

Weak security can profoundly damage brand loyalty and critically affect your customers’ trust. Cisco helps retailers administer the network for maximum security throughout the entire retail platform, to protect the brand reputation and limit the impact to stores caused by breaches of customer data and intellectual property.

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Simplicity drives retail innovation. Shifting to the cloud keeps your organization agile. arrow

The cloud is increasingly becoming the data management solution of choice for distributed store environments.

Retail investment in the cloud skyrocketed from $4 billion in 2011 to an estimated $15 billion in 2016. (“3 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing the Retail Industry,” Accenture, 2017)

Cisco’s cloud capabilities enable retailers to interact remotely with customers, manage production and the supply chain, and manage communications across the company — all more cost-effectively and efficiently, therefore allowing retailers to scale rapidly over geographically diverse stores.

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Leverage our global partners and let’s build a stronger solution together. arrow

Technology isn’t just changing the way consumers shop; it is opening up new channels that give retail stores innovative ways to interact with customers. Our extensive partner ecosystem and expansive portfolio of products and solutions helps to deliver an omnichannel experience that meets customer demands and keeps retailers at the forefront of innovation.

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, IT teams need to be equipped with the right resources to change at the same pace. Cisco DevNet has the resources to change the way you do business. Get inspired, connect with partners, and learn to develop custom applications and integrations to build your programmable retail experiences today.