Cloud for Retail

Enhance the Shopping Experience with Cisco Cloud

Retailers must continually adapt and transform their in-store and ecommerce shopping experience to meet ever-changing consumer demands. Many retailers are considering or adopting cloud computing to more effectively address customer expectations and improve their business operations.

Cisco Cloud offers retailers innovative cloud solutions that deliver highly secure, flexible, cloud-based services for public, private, and hybrid clouds. Cisco CloudVerse helps retailers reduce costs, maintain security, increase agility, and enhance business processes.

With Cisco Cloud, retailers can simply and cost-effectively:

  • Create innovative services that enhance the customer's shopping experience
  • Provide instant information anywhere, on any device, to employees and customers
  • Deliver IT services for a lower cost by virtualizing the data center
  • Enforce network security and help maintain security standards compliance
  • Improve business productivity with flexible on-demand cloud applications such as Cisco WebEx

Revitalize your retail environment to more effectively meet and exceed your customer's expectations with innovative cloud services from Cisco.