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Build customer loyalty

From boutiques to restaurants, at home or on the go, the digital and mobile revolution is transforming the shopping experience.

What you gain with mobility in retail

Win customers with hyper-relevance

Give customers the right information at the right time.

Deliver the new retail experience

Build loyalty with content that relates to customer needs. 

See more with real-time analytics

Understand what customers want to keep them coming back.

Offer an omnichannel experience

Customers can shop how, when, and where they want with Wi-Fi.

I need to...

Connect with customers

Deliver personalized location-based experiences and analytics.

Upgrade my wireless network

Get more speed, capacity, and reliability for back-office and customer-facing applications.

Accelerate Wi-Fi deployments

Get enterprise-class wireless for your small or medium-sized retail locations.

Simplify my networks

Gain visibility into customer interactions by converging wired and wireless networks.

Move to the cloud

Provide a cloud-managed solution for your stores.

Empower my staff

Let employees work securely the way they want but put fewer demands on IT.

News and events

Protect your transactions

Ten of the top 20 security breaches of 2014 occurred in retail.

Get insights on shopper behavior

We asked 6000 consumers in 10 countries what they want.

Digitize your business

Low IT spending in the industry puts retailers at risk to be disrupted.

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