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Optimizing retail IT and store operations

Why Cisco?

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Simplify your network, your data, and your workload.

An intelligent network that simplifies real-time data enables Meraki to deliver collected data on a cloud-managed platform, and DNA Spaces to display all your location services in a single view—thereby helping to derive the business insights you need.

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Cybersecurity is critical for survival. We’ve built it into all of our solutions.

Cisco’s security solutions help increase visibility, identify vulnerabilities, and stop threats in their tracks—fast.

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We know privacy and compliance is serious business.

With our deep understanding of the complex relationships between the technical and the retail business, we can give you the tools to help keep your customers’ data private and can help reveal your unique requirements for responsible information management.

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Enabling your network to scale your business and support innovation is our specialty.

We can provide a pragmatic evaluation, to help you leverage existing legacy systems where possible to drive value out of your prior investments.

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Together with our global ecosystem of partners, we make industry-leading retail solutions possible.

We partner with industry solution organizations that layer in experiences such as mobile payment, inventory management, associate productivity, and customer experience—all to provide the solutions you need to securely drive better business operations and retail KPIs.

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Our global experience in retail is unmatched.

We have worked with 45 of the top 50 global retailers. For over 30 years, we’ve been making innovation possible for thousands of retailers across five continents, in 116 countries.