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Take control of the mobile experience

Engage consumers as they enter, dwell in, and exit your physical places of business. Resolve your physical space blind spot and engage in a one-to-one experience at the right place and time with hyper-personalized targeting and proximity marketing – all while gaining insights about mobile application user behavior and venue operations.

Our approach to solving your challenge

Leverage our full-scale partner ecosystem to meet your retail objectives.

Featured Resources

IoT transforms retail

Read about how the role of IoT takes the digital transformation discussion one step further

The digital shopper

See why retail is changing through a sample day in the life of a smart, digital shopper

Watch how Cisco transformed its own merchandise store to connect and build the retail store of the future

Mobile engagement capabilities

Behavior insights

Gain insights into shopper and associate behavior while profiling and segmenting visitors based on behavior and location

Digital services

Deliver contextual digital services and engagements to shoppers based on location and behavior

Notify workflows

Trigger business workflows and notify enterprise services while measuring the impact of events and plan-o-grams 

App performance

Identify and isolate problems when slowdowns occur and improve app scalability while increasing guest Wi-Fi adoption