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In-store behavior insights for retail

Drive the experience by knowing your customer

Let the data work for you and serve your customer the way they want to be served. Collect in-store data points such as user behavior, location activity, and campaign performance to get a 360-degree of the shopper and turn those insights into an improved customer journey within the store.

Our approach to solving your challenge

Leverage our full-scale partner ecosystem to meet your retail objectives.

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In-store behavior insights capabilities

Visitor dwell time

Collecting visitor dwell time per store and department will enable marketing teams to drive preferential actions

Visits by time

Capturing data like visits by time of day enables store managers to prescriptively improve workforce productivity

Visits by store

Enable retail brands to share best practices across various locations and improve the overall retail experience

Loyalty visits

Leverage data such as visit frequencies to empower associates in converting frequent visitors into loyal customers