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Automating your network with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)


Locator icon Huangpu District, Shanghai Municipality, China
Employees icon 130 employees

In the pursuit of lean, modern, and easy-access retail, the founders of Xingbianli created the checkout-free convenience store operator. Their staffless snack bars and convenient stores offer drinks, biscuits, and instant noodles for consumers on the go or in their office. Leveraging mobile payment and location-based positioning technologies, the mobile-centric retailer needed a reliable, secure WAN solution for their network capabilities. The goal was to drive engagement, enable frictionless transactions, and provide an easy way to maintain network visibility and management at scale.

  • Ensure network can support time-sensitive and customer experience-defining applications in brick-and-mortar spaces without latency issues
  • Securely manage the WAN and the public cloud platform housing these applications and data, even during migration to a local data center
  • Easier WAN configuration for each branch, including simpler WAN troubleshooting and network maintenance
  • Cisco SD-WAN supporting hybrid WAN deployment for brick-and-mortar stores (Internet broadband network access for main line and 4G mobile backup line)
  • Cisco vEdge router deployed in each branch and public cloud, enabling secure routing and encryption without additional hardware
  • Cisco Networking to automate network management
  • Simplified management, improved agility, and cost reduction for interconnected and distributed enterprise networks
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) makes for easy deployment of WANs for non-technical personnel
  • Integration of firewalls with SD-WAN allows proper segmentation for applications running in the public cloud(s) to run seamlessly
  • Graphical interface allows central management to identify failures, adjust and troubleshoot branch WAN links
  • Each SD-WAN supports up to 3,000 edge devices
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With the help of Cisco, we are more confident in making use of such technologies as mobile payments, biological recognition, intelligence applications, … and boosting exploration and breakthroughs in the new retail industry through big data marketing and system competency in the future.”

Wang Mengzhe
IT Director