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Inventory and Order Fulfillment

Automate processes and improve productivity

Associate productivity and store optimization starts with inventory and order fulfilment solutions. Automate pricing and inventory management while delivering analytics based on purchasing behavior through our holistic wireless platform – and efficiently stock, restock and price inventory, reduce cost of price adjustments and markdowns, and more.

Our approach to solving your challenge

Leverage our full-scale partner ecosystem to meet your retail objectives.

Featured resources

See our 4 tips on how to boost retail revenue through associate engagement.

Associates drive retail loyalty

Empower your retail associates as another channel for consumers to engage with your retail brand.

The future of retail associates

Read how technology empowers retail associates to deliver an improved customer experience. (PDF - 80 KB)

Inventory and order fulfillment capabilities

Automate pricing

Implement dynamic pricing policies and ensure accuracy and make changes as needed based on business triggers.

Track inventory

Reduce out-of-stock events automatically and avoid reduced basket size and/or conversion.


Provide in-store product location and wayfinding for customers and associates improving the overall retail experience.

Stay informed

Share location-based alerts and notifications with store associates to improve efficiencies and productivity levels.