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Cisco DNA for Manufacturing​

Unlock the network’s full potential for your factory

Improve operations, increase innovation and agility, and reduce risk with a network that constantly learns, constantly adapts, and constantly protects. With 360-degree extensibility,  Cisco DNA Center unlocks the network’s full potential to build solutions for your factory.  Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) simplifies management of your factory floor, reduces TCO, and provides deep network insights. 

This is a new era of networking. The Network. Intuitive.​ A journey to intent-based networking.

A new era of networking for manufacturing.

The Network. Intuitive.

Explore Cisco’s
intent-based networking

Imagine a network that offers visibility into production and inventory, creating context around everything that happens within the enterprise.

A network that understands business intent and dynamically safeguards new IoT initiatives while helping IT and operations teams collaborate.

It constantly monitors facilities, machines, and connected devices to identify and contain suspicious activity no matter where it hides.

That’s intent-based networking.

It’s constantly learning.

The new network works tirelessly to unlock data from machines, sensors, and the network itself, turning info into insights that maximize productivity, improve quality, and prevent downtime.

It’s constantly adapting.

An automated network helps you keep pace with customer and market needs, ensuring continuous high-performance IT and OT services and increasing agility while lowering operational costs.

It’s constantly protecting.

The new network is always searching for threats within your facilities and enterprise, even in encrypted traffic. Protect your IoT devices, production data, and intellectual property with an intelligent network.

Find out how ready your network
is for the digital era.

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The Network. Intuitive. Powered by Cisco DNA.

How digital ready is your network?
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Take the assessment

Explore Cisco DNA for Manufacturing

Insights and analytics

Generate real-time analytics to track assets and resources on your factory floor. 

Automation and assurance

Automate and centrally manage your plant floor and carpeted-space network deployments.

Security and compliance

Use your plant and corporate networks to detect and contain threats quickly, across both unencrypted and encrypted traffic.


Deploy and manage network resources as logical services rather than physical resources. You’ll improve network efficiency and lower costs.

Cisco DNA-ready infrastructure

Choose routing, switching, and wireless products designed for Cisco DNA.

Cisco DNA products for manufacturing

Take a look at what’s possible with our enterprise networking products.

The network powers a better way to build trucks

We produce and collect a massive amount of data to understand where we are during the assembly of the truck. Now we can provide dashboard information to management, stay informed about any parts shortages, and know the status of the vehicle in real time, any time.

Dieter Haban, CIO, Daimler Trucks North America

Featured technologies

Gain visibility into connected operations

Track and improve machine utilization with automation and real-time asset tracking and sensor monitoring in your factory operations.

Bridge your IT and OT environments

Improve productivity by extending security beyond the enterprise to your plant floor.

Digitize manufacturing

See how Cisco Connected Factory keeps you ahead of your competition. (Video - 1:33 min)

400% ROI in 5 years?

Discover how digital network transformation can boost your business value.

Could you defend a network here?

Explore new gaming levels. See how easy it is to manage Cisco network solutions. Be sure to register to qualify to win.

Start your journey today

Improve results across your factory floor with our Cisco DNA services.

Improve your bottom line

Use the Cisco DNA ROI Calculator to see how much your organization could save with a software-defined network.

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