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Cisco SLED PESS Overview


  • Partners will pay a flat $2,000 PESS Fee annually per each “eligible” Cisco USPS SLED direct contract that Partner is on as an Authorized Reseller/subcontractor. 
  • There is no cap on the number of Eligible Contracts that a Partner can be on and no cap on the number of PESS Fees that can be invoiced per Partner.
  • The PESS Fee will be capped at no more than a 10% increase each calendar year.


  • Partners will be invoiced on an annual basis for each Eligible Direct Contract under which they have signed Cisco’s USPSS and are in good standing.
  • Partner may voluntarily remove itself under such contract(s), but any PESS payment made is non-refundable.
  • PESS Fees for new Eligible Direct Contracts and/or Partners being added to an existing Eligible Direct Contract will be invoiced after the Partner has executed the respective USPSS but may be subject to proration.  
  • If Partner applies and is selected and approved for the Prime Contract Partner will be auto-rolled in PESS as set forth in the Minimum Requirements section of the Application.
  • Once an Eligible Direct Contract is invoiced in a calendar quarter, partners will continue to be invoiced in that calendar quarter on an annual basis until that contract has expired or they are terminated from contract.
  • Invoice(s) will come from edeliveryinvoice@cisco.com with invoice(s) attached to the designated billing contact set up in our system with each Eligible Direct Contract listed in the description of the invoice.
  • Partners will be invoiced on an annual basis.
  • Due to the quarterly schedule of invoicing, there is the potential for Partners that are on multiple Eligible Direct Contracts to be invoiced four (4) separate times throughout each calendar year. 

Payment Terms

  • Upon receipt of invoice, Partners shall pay immediately.
  • Failure to pay within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of the invoice may result in a suspension from all Eligible Direct Contracts that a Partner is currently authorized on.


Point of Contact