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NVP #MNWNC-105 Participating Addendum for TN #50634

Contract Start Date: 7/1/2016
Contract End Date: 3/31/2019

NVP #MNWNC-105 Participating Addendum for TN #50634

Product Discount: 35%

Service Discount:

Cisco SMARTnet Discount % (Government) Discount % (Education)
1-Year Contract 10% 25%
3-Year Prepaid Contract* 17% 28%
5-Year Prepaid Contract* 21% 30%

Technical/Maintenance Services (Not Under SMARTnet Program) 10%

Training/Learning Credits 0%

Advanced Services (Non-SOW Based) 0%

Cisco Systems, Inc. ("Cisco") requires Purchase Orders under the NVP Cisco Master Agreement #MNWSC-105 and each State's NVP CE Participating Addendum to be processed through our Authorized Resellers.

Customers (Authorized Purchasers) may select any of the Authorized Resellers listed for your State.

Purchase Order Instructions

  1. Select one of the Authorized Resellers listed below.
  2. Issue the Purchase Order directly to the selected Authorized Reseller.
  3. Reference the NVP Cisco Master Agreement #MNWSC-105 and your State's NVP CE Participating Addendum contract # (if applicable) on your Purchase Order.
  4. Include the following contact info: Your customer name and phone number, "Ship To" and "Bill To" addresses.

Authorized Resellers will directly ship the orders placed to the identified ""Ship To"" address (es). Customers will then be invoiced directly by the Authorized Resellers. Payments must be made in accordance with the terms of the NVP Cisco Master Agreement #MNWSC-105 and your State’s respective NVP CE Participating Addendum.

Return Goods Policy

Please refer to the NVP Cisco Master Agreement #MNWSC-105 for warranty terms.

Repair or Replacement of Products

Please directly contact the Authorized Reseller who processed your original Purchase Order for the Cisco Products. Subject to the warranty terms of the NVP Cisco Master Agreement #MNWSC-105 the Authorized Reseller will work with you and Cisco on the matter.


Master Agreement: MA
Participating Addendum: PA
Attachment: Att
Amendment: Amdt
Exhibit: Ex

Eligible Users: Agencies, political subdivisions and other entities (including cooperatives) authorized by the State’s statutes and that are subject to the prior approval of the State Chief Procurement.  Refer to PA § 2.

Scope of Offerings: Band 4 – Server category which includes servers, Unified Computing System products, technical and advanced services, and related peripherals. There is not a maximum single configuration limit for Servers in Band 4. Sale of software related to Servers in Band 4 is restricted to operating systems and commercial off-the-shelf  software. Any software available under any other Tennessee Statewide Contract is excluded from purchase through this PA except when applicable to initial procurement of equipment.  Refer to PA, Att A, § 1 and Att B. Please be advised, ONLY Cisco products are authorized. Refer to Amendment 1 to the Participating Addendum allowing manufacturer based services. No reseller professional services will be accepted under this Participating Addendum.

Order Numbers: Contract’s order and purchase order numbers must be clearly shown on all acknowledgments, shipping labels, packing slips, invoices, and on all correspondence. The Prime Contract Number is NVP #MNWMC-105 and the State Contract Number is #50634.  Refer to MA, § 21 & PA § 8, Att B, § 9.

Shipping and Delivery Information:  FOB Destination, shipping and handling prepaid by Reseller. All freight charges are included in the cost of the equipment quoted to Authorized Purchaser. Delivery shall be thirty (30) days from when a customer places an order. Within five (5) days after receiving an order, Reseller must notify Customer of any potential delivery delays.  Refer to PA, § B.10 & Att A, § 1.

Purchase Cards: Authorized Users may use “Purchasing Card” to pay for purchases made through Reseller under this Participating State Addendum.  Refer to PA, § C.25.

Leasing: Yes. Where permitted by the law of the State, operating leases are an allowable payment option under the resulting contract.  Refer to PA, Att B, § 9.

Billing Instructions: Reseller shall invoice the State only after product has been received by Purchaser or upon completion of the service, unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Authorized Purchaser and as required below prior to any payment. Reseller shall submit an invoice, with all necessary supporting documentation, to the state agency billing address.  Refer to PA, Att B, § 9.

Refurbished Equipment: Yes. Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment (CCRE) is allowed only if it is specifically requested by the Customer. Refer to MA.

Insurance:  Refer to PA, Att B, § 8. 

E-Rate: Products and Services under this Participating Addendum may be E-Rate eligible. Orders for E-Rate eligible products and Services will be processed by Fulfillment Partners under such partner’s Service Provider Identification Number.  Refer to PA, Att A, §2.

Employee Purchases: Employees of Participating Entities are not eligible to purchase under the Participating State Addendum.  Refer to PA, Att A, § 3.4.

Trade-Ins: Reseller agrees that the State, at its sole discretion, can trade-in its existing equipment toward the purchase of new equipment and receive a reduction in the price of new equipment to be negotiated between Reseller and the State.  Refer to PA § 25.

Cisco’s Services: Any Cisco’s services will only be available for purchase after the State and Cisco negotiate such services. Final agreement by the parties on the terms and conditions for Cisco’s additional services offerings will be incorporated into the PA via written amendment. Accordingly, Reseller must secure Cisco pre-approval before selling any Cisco’s services under this PA.  Refer to PA, Att A.

Pricing and Payment: The Prompt Pay Act states that the State shall pay for each complete delivered items of property or services within forty-five (45) days after receipt of the invoice covering the delivered items or services and interest shall accrue and be charged on payments overdue at one and one-half percent (1½ %) per month beginning on the day after payment is due.  Refer to the PA, Ex B.

Acceptance: Acceptance shall be effective upon written acceptance of goods by the Authorized Purchaser, no later than thirty (30) days after delivery.  Refer to PA § 10.

Travel Compensation: Reseller shall not be compensated or reimbursed for travel time, travel expenses, meals or lodging.  Refer to PA § 15.

Prohibited Advertising or Marketing: Reseller shall not suggest or imply in advertising or marketing materials that Reseller’s goods or services are endorsed by the State.  Refer to PA, Att B, § 27.

No Partner Professional Services Allowed: The State will only allow manufacturer based services. No Reseller professional services will be allowed under this Participating State Addendum.  Refer to PA § 5.b.

Quarterly Reviews – In Person: Reseller shall meet with State representatives at the office of the Department of General Services, Central Procurement Office in Nashville, Tennessee no less frequently than quarterly.  Refer to PA § 28.

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State Specific Purchasing Restrictions

While Cisco is authorized to sell the full suite of its products and services offering under the NVP Master Agreement MNWNC-105, your State may have chosen to restrict the offering categories that can be purchased under their Participating Addendum. Contact your local Cisco Account Manager to find out if excluded products and services are available under other purchasing vehicles available in your State.

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Authorized NVP Resellers for the State

The following Cisco partners 1) currently qualify under Cisco's established partner selection criteria for the above-referenced Cisco Prime Contract, and 2) have been authorized by the State to participate as Cisco Subcontractors under that agreement:

To verify a Partner's current Cisco Technical Certifications or Specializations, please refer to the Partner Locator Tool.

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Data Blue, LLC
5300 Virginia Way
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: 615-564-5492
Toll Free: 866-577-2902
Fax: 615-349-9009

Federal ID #03-0409431
230 Great Circle Rd., Ste 218
Nashville, TN 37228
Phone: 615-564-5981

Erik Stevenson
230 Great Circle Rd., Ste 218
Nashville, TN 37228
Phone: 615-564-5909
Erik Stevenson
Phone: 615-564-5909
Pomeroy IT Solutions Sales Company, Inc
1020 Petersburg Rd.
Hebron KY 41048
Phone: 859-657-2094
Toll Free: 859-657-2094
Fax: 859-657-2094

Federal ID #61-1352158
1020 Petersburg Rd.
Hebron KY 41048
Phone: 859-657-2094

Jeff Dunn
717 Airpark Center Drive
Nashville, TN 37217
Phone: 615-922-3931
Jeff Dunn
Phone: 615-922-3931