FIPS, or Federal Information Processing Standards, help ensure compliance with federal security and data privacy requirements. FIPS are developed by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) to use when no voluntary standards exist to meet federal requirements. They address:

  • the compatibility of different systems
  • the portability of data and software
  • cost-effective computer security and privacy of sensitive information in federal computer systems

FIPS 140: Cisco Certifications

FIPS 140 is a U.S. and Canadian government standard that specifies security requirements for cryptographic modules. A cryptographic module is the product being validated. FIPS 140-1 became a mandatory standard for the protection of sensitive data in 1994 and was superseded by FIPS 140-2 in 2001.

As a leader in this area, Cisco has secured FIPS 140 certification for many of its products. For a list of current Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) certifications, and those Cisco is currently pursuing with CMVP for FIPS 140, visit the Cisco Global Certifications and Security Assurance website.

Cisco recognizes that certifications and evaluations are important to customers, and is committed to maintaining an active product certification and evaluation program.