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Digitizing Financial Services

Digitizing Financial Services
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Three ways Cisco is accelerating digital transformation

Digital Transformation
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Digitization is disrupting the financial services industry, putting unprecedented demands on your network. How will you keep pace?

Introducing the new era of networking, Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA). A software-driven, intuitive approach to networking, driving performance in your financial services business.


Customer workforce experience image1 Customer workforce experience  Cloud1 Customer workforce experience  Cloud2
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Customer/workforce experience

Better serve your customers with optimized performance and expand your workforce capabilities.

  • 9 out of 10 firms are competing on the basis of customer experience (Gartner).
  • Collaboration is crucial to the digital transformation journey. 64% of digital value is tied to people and connections (Cisco Survey, 2016).
Simplifying business operations

Simplifying business operations

From speeding new product and service opportunities to enhancing your digital distribution strategy, Cisco DNA taps into oceans of data to enhance your business. Better insights. Better decisions. Better outcomes.

  • Being connected drives positive business results: 15% reduction in cost. 95% of executives plan to launch an IoT business soon (Cisco IoT).
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Strengthening security

To take full advantage of the financial services digitization opportunity, security must be everywhere. Protection is embedded into and across the extended network, mitigating risk from the data center to the branch.

  • “The financial services industry bears one of the highest per capita data breach costs per company at $215 million” (Ponemon 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study).


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Cisco can help IT meet these demands for digital business so you can focus on innovation rather than IT tasks.


Remote expert

Customer/workforce experience

Gain real time insights and deliver personalized experiences.

  • Remote Expert: Create a consistent, omnichannel experience, including the delivery of expert resources virtually.
Cisco DNA for branch

Business operations

Reduce cost and complexity through automation, analytics, and energy management.

  • Cisco DNA for Branch: Better serve customers with optimized performance and expanded capabilities, simplified application management, and reduced server footprint.


Use the network as a sensor to rapidly detect and contain threats, even in encrypted traffic.

  • Stealthwatch: Turn your entire network into a security system to reduce risk, gain deeper visibility, lower complexity, and protect against threats.

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