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Delivering Interoperable Solutions and Services

Cisco proudly partners with industry-leading companies to provide our customers with highly secure, interoperable smart grid solutions and services. We understand that modernizing the electric utility infrastructure around the world-from generation at a power plant to consumption in a home or business-is a huge undertaking. It requires the skills and expertise of many people to deliver on the promise of a ‘smart grid.’

At Cisco, we call this opportunity Connected Grid, and the companies we work with the Connected Grid Partner Ecosystem. Cisco groups our Connected Grid partners according to their work with us in evolving the smart grid. Some partners may work in more than one area at different times.

Categories include:

Data Center Operations

Transforming utility enterprise and control operations.

Grid Operations

Enhancing the monitoring and operations of the power grid.

Transmission and Substation

Automating energy transmission and substation operations.

Grid Security and Management

Ensuring the security and network management of the power grid.

Field Area Network

Automating energy metering and distribution operations.

Customer Premise

Enhancing energy management for buildings and homes.

Infrastructure Platform

Delivering Connected Grid solutions and services to customers.

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