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Explore all of our offerings designed to help keep your organization running. Keep your teams securely and reliably connected with Cisco networking, security, and collaboration technology.

Offer Description Technology Use Case
Free application monitoring from AppDynamics Customers are relying on digital services now more than ever. We are offering free use of our software to help you deliver an exceptional experience. Applications Trusted Workplace
Virtual contact center quick-deploy solution Use our rapidly deployable cloud contact-center solution to help enable remote agents. Collaboration Secure remote workforce
Virtual meetings Get expanded capabilities for free Webex Meetings in participating countries. Collaboration Secure remote workforce
Webex Calling Free 90-Day Trial Get a free 90-day subscription to our Webex Calling solution, with no commitment. Collaboration Secure remote workforce
Transition to telehealth Serve more patients virtually with highly secure Cisco Webex, which supports HIPAA compliance requirements. Collaboration Healthcare
Transition to distance learning Quickly get your educational institution ready for secure remote and distance learning with Cisco Webex. Collaboration Distance learning
Distance learning--anywhere, anytime, any device Give students, faculty, and researchers secure access to virtual classrooms and labs from anywhere and on any device with Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Cloud & Compute Distance learning
Secure virtual desktops and applications for remote workers Give users access to their desktops and applications at any time and on any device, whether they're in the office or working remotely with Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Cloud & Compute Secure remote workforce
Cisco HyperFlex VDI bundles for healthcare Give your front-line healthcare workers immediate, secure access to their desktops and the healthcare applications they need to deliver cutting-edge care, anywhere. Cloud & Compute Healthcare
Workload Optimization Manager 60-Day Free Trial Optimize IT resource efficiency with this free trial to help you make the most of what you have today, both on-premises and in the public cloud. Cloud & Compute Secure remote workforce
Business Critical Services Build resiliency, create agility, and foster innovation so you can stay ahead with our analytics-driven expert guidance across the IT lifecycle. Customer Experience Secure remote workforce
Reimagine Your Workforce Create a distributed work model for the future with our expertise and best practices to help you accelerate business resiliency. Customer Experience Secure remote workforce
Cisco CX offers for Secure Remote Workers Help sustain incremental workload to your remote access VPN, while keeping users protected with DNS layer security and malware protection, ensuring the overall security of your organization. Customer Experience Secure remote workforce
Cisco CX offers for Enterprise VPN and Security Increase remote access VPN capacity with Enterprise-grade VPN design and implementation services and ensure threat protection from malicious content, while leveraging optional security and support capabilities with Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints and Extended Production Rollout Support. Customer Experience Secure remote workforce
Cisco CX Offers for Wireless LAN Advise and Implement Service Design, build, and operate a Wireless LAN solution that delivers a secure and reliable wireless experience that meets your end-user demands. Customer Experience Secure remote workforce
Reliable IT from Anywhere Stay secure, connected, and productive with reliable IT at the office, or home office. Remote IT operations, redefined. Customer Experience Secure remote workforce
Cisco CX offer for Business Resiliency Strategy and Roadmap Accelerate your customized business resiliency strategy based on prioritized use cases through our advisory capabilities and proven expertise. Customer Experience Trusted workplace
Cisco CX offer for Cisco DNA Spaces Get back to a safe workspace faster and optimize employee workflows with Cisco Advise and Implementation Services that helps accelerate deployment of Cisco DNA Spaces, our cloud-based location analytics platform. Customer Experience Trusted workplace
CX offer for Pop-up Sites Set up hospital, clinic, office, and classroom spaces swiftly and securely with our packaged IT infrastructure kit that will allow you to set up data and voice for up to 100 devices within days. Customer Experience Trusted workplace
Virtual Visitations Implement a real-time voice, video and data connectivity solution so correctional institutions can provide essential services and maintain family visitations. Customer Experience Trusted workplace
Secure network solutions for a trusted workplace Utilize insights from location-based services to manage workplace density and help ensure safe reopening. Intent-based networking Trusted workplace
First Year On Us: Cisco DNA Software for Wireless Get one year subscription for Cisco DNA for Wireless for free when you upgrade your wireless access points or controllers to Wi-Fi 6. Intent-based networking Secure remote workforce
Remote workforce network solutions Securely and reliably extend your corporate network into the home or micro-office with connectivity using WAN or Wi-Fi. Intent-based networking Secure remote workforce
Network access offers for temporary healthcare Deploy network solutions to help healthcare organizations roll out secure network connectivity for temporary facilities quickly and reliably. Intent-based networking Healthcare
Rapid deployment of healthcare location-based solutions This offer enables rapid deployment and integration of Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare solutions. Intent-based networking Healthcare
Cisco DNA Spaces free trial Get back to business safely. Use insights from Cisco DNA Spaces to manage social density and help ensure a safe workplace. Intent-based networking Trusted workplace
Cisco Pandemic Equipment Exchange Program This program connects customers with healthcare organizations to help them get the networking and wireless equipment they need. Intent-based networking Healthcare
Mobile healthcare connectivity Gain connectivity solutions that help to quickly and securely extend healthcare organizations' networks to vehicles and remote sites. IoT Healthcare
Expand access to care Rapidly connect new healthcare sites and set up temporary field-hospital and clinical spaces in remote locations with Cisco Meraki. Meraki Healthcare
Network Security Health Check Sign up for a Network Security Health Check to ensure your network is healthy and safe from cyber attacks. Security Trusted workplace
Cisco Secure Firewall Small Business Cisco Secure Firewall Small Business Edition is easily managed, complete, and affordable. Its cloud management and logging, threat defense, and remote access VPN clients are tailor-made for small organizations needing their firewall to perform with ease. Security Trusted Workplace
Cisco Secure Endpoints Free Trial Help detect, respond to, and protect against advanced threats, to help optimize productivity for remote workers anytime, anywhere. Security Secure remote workforce
Cisco Secure Remote Worker Solution This integrated remote workforce solution helps accelerate your business success with security that works together, delivering the power of Cisco Duo, AnyConnect, Umbrella and AMP for Endpoints. Security Secure remote workforce
Secure remote learning and administration Keep teachers, faculty and students securely connected with Cisco AnyConnect VPN and authentication capabilities easily. Security Distance learning
Duo free license Verify the identities of all users before granting access to applications, with secure and easy multifactor authentication. Security Secure remote workforce
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Help enable secure access to the enterprise network for any user, from any device, at any time, in any location. Security Secure remote workforce
Cisco Umbrella free trial Defend against threats on the Internet, wherever users go. Security Secure remote workforce

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