Cisco Full-Stack Observability Use Cases

Cisco helps you deliver always-on, secure, and exceptional digital experiences.

Transform your operations

Deliver always-on, secure, exceptional digital experiences by moving beyond domain-specific monitoring, breaking down siloed workflows and correlating telemetry from multiple sources.


Uncover, prioritize and block risks.

Application security

Understand security risks from multiple sources and block vulnerabilities.

  • Proactively identify and block vulnerabilities found in application run-times in production
  • Constantly coalesce security metrics from multiple Cisco security sources to wholistically see business security risks
  • Automatically rate the risk of external digital services vulnerabilities for your application security teams
  • Continuously assess business risks by associating high-risk transactions to high-value applications and secure your applications based on business impact


Monitor app infrastructure and dependencies to deliver the best user experience.

Hybrid application monitoring

Monitor performance of traditional and hosted hybrid applications that utilize traditional infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

  • Monitor application performance and continually optimize the digital experience
  • Connect IT teams to business results through user experience visibility
  • Correlate your application performance to your app infrastructure

Modern cloud native application monitoring

Monitor performance of microservices-based cloud native applications and distributed applications leveraging cloud technologies that are hosted on public or private clouds.

  • Monitor cloud native application performance and continually optimize the user’s digital experience
  • Connect IT teams to business results through visibility into cloud native application user experience
  • Correlate your cloud native application performance to your app infrastructure

Customer digital experience monitoring

Get actionable, end-to-end insight into user application experience, its underlying dependencies, and business impact.

  • Correlate business results with application, network, and internet performance
  • Understand how application, hybrid cloud, and internet performance affect user experience
  • Triage workflows across AppOps and NetOps seamlessly

Application dependency monitoring

Understand the performance of managed and unmanaged (third-party) application services and APIs, including Internet and cloud network performance.

  • Gain end-to-end network visibility across your enterprise, Internet, and end-user devices
  • Correlate insights from performance data in order to proactively remediate issues
  • Ensure uptime with real-time global outage detection


Manage resource allocation and cloud consumption and understand its impact on user experience.

Hybrid cost optimization

Lower costs by only paying for what you need in public cloud and safely increase utilization of on-premise assets.

  • Correlate code-level application performance with application infrastructure health
  • Get visibility into how application infrastructure performance impacts end-user experience
  • Continuously optimize on-premises and cloud infrastructure

Application resource optimization

Improve and assure application performance by managing resource allocation for workloads on-premise and in the public cloud.

  • Simplify application resource management and ensure application performance
  • Optimize infrastructure and balance performance against cost
  • Streamline daily operations with SaaS-based infrastructure lifecycle management

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