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Service Assurance for Virtualized Multi-Service Data Centers

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Learn more about the Cisco Data Center and Cloud Service Assurance solution, its use cases, components, capabilities and benefits.

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Today's virtualized data center and cloud environments demand increased IT alignment to respond rapidly to new business opportunities. Data center service assurance tools can help IT deliver on business service-level agreements, maintain operational awareness of the service health of private or public cloud tenants, and identify and respond to critical service-affecting performance and availability events.

Cisco Data Center and Cloud Service Assurance provides advanced root cause analytics and fault and performance management for virtualized multi-services data center (VMDC) infrastructure through:

  • Cloud instrumentation: Real-time discovery and visualization of computing, virtualization, network, and storage elements
  • Dependency modeling: Dynamic modeling of tenant service dependencies and relationships
  • Impact assessment: Continuous delivery of quantitative impact and root cause analysis

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