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Cloud Orchestration with BMC CLM

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Cloud Orchestration with BMC CLM

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Accelerate deployment of your data center resources. Cisco Cloud Orchestration with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Manager (CLM) can support new business requirements, including:

  • Flexible multi-zone network containers
  • Service catalogs
  • Policy-based management of data center resources

Cisco has defined requirements and led joint development and validation activities with BMC to deliver new functionalities for service providers, large enterprises, and large public sector organizations. The joint solution:

  • Offers an end-to-end, standards-based platform for consolidating, virtualizing, and automating resources.
  • Helps accelerate business time-to-market in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Constructs infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings in a modular fashion on top of a proven orchestration platform.

The Cloud Orchestration with BMC CLM system provides the following capabilities.

  • Network blueprint: Segment and differentiate services with secure network containers based on static services model or a more dynamic runtime-defined model.
  • Service blueprint: Gain the flexibility to create and deploy of single and multi-tier cloud services with configurable options.
  • Service governor: Intelligently allocate resources based on policies.
  • Compliance and governance: Facilitate chargeback billing and auditing with access to (CMDB).

As Service Providers and Enterprises are deploying the Cisco Hosted Collobration Solution (HCS) , there is an increasing demand to bring in a large set of end customers to cater to their market. This involves a combination of steps where the network, compute, and storage resources are configured followed by the activation of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) applications. Automating the configuration of network, compute, and storageresources using a cloud orchestration tool such as BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) has a significant impact in ensuring that the end customer on-boarding is accelerated into HCS. Some of the challenges are listed below:

  1. Time consuming and error prone network, compute, and storage configuration for end customer on-boarding:
    • Takes 4 days for a CCIE to configure and validate the network, compute, and storage resources using scripts
    • Higher cost to manage and maintain
  2. Lack of tools to capture the best practices for the complete network configuration for end customer on-boarding:
    • The process is manual in nature for a large extent.
  3. Very complex placement algorithm:
    • Difficult to manually decide and enforce
    • Leads to long time to provision
  4. Lack of IT best practices
    • Non-systematic approval and change management process

Cisco and BMC have worked together for over three years to create the industry's most robust, flexible, and scalable Private Cloud solution; enabling a "step wise" approach to taking the customer on their journey to deliver accelerated "IT as a Service" for large enterprise. We have expanded this solution to accelerate the on-boarding of end customers to HCS. The solution is targeted to address all the challenges mentioned above. The ability for CLM to effectively manage Cisco's Virtual Multi-Service Data Center(VMDC) creates an ideal situation to orchestrate the VMDC environment for HCS during end customer on-boarding. CLM with its BMC Network Automation (BNA) is able to fully automate and simplify the network container deployment for HCS. The HCS Provider has been specifically built to automate the deployment of UC applications needed for HCS services and intelligently place the compute and storage resources through well-defined policies. This ensures that the process is fully automated and also simplifies the operations where the tool has the built-in intelligence for configuring the network, compute, and storage resources required for end customer on-boarding to HCS. CLM includes a built-in approval and change management system, which will ensure that the process is streamlined and further optimized.

CLM can specifically achieve the acceleration through automation of network, compute, and storage resources. CLM provides the following functionality out-of-the-box:

  • Network blueprints for deploying HCS network configurations, thereby ensuring that the tenancy model is retained across multiple tenants in HCS
  • Service blueprints that capture the HCS services (voice, voicemail, and presence) needs in terms of deployment.
  • Well-defined policies that capture the deployment best practices of HCS services to intelligently place the compute and storage resources
  • Leverage CLM/BNA IP Address Management (IPAM)
  • Functionality
  • Automated process for managing the lifecycle of UC-App Virtual Machines (VM)
  • Integrate into CLM change/approval management and audit trails

HCS customers are able to have the following benefits by leveraging the out of the box support in CLM:

  • Accelerated onboarding of HCS end customers, which equals Operating Expense (OPEX) savings and faster TTR
  • Reduce the time taken to onboard each end customer to HCS from 4.5 days to less than one day. This is a saving of 78% in time per end customer onboarding.
  • Improved configuration accuracy through pre-defined blueprints for network, compute, and storage resources
  • Workflow orchestration for provisioning network, compute, and storage resources and Layer 4 to 7 (L 4- 7) services

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