Resilient Point of Sale

Resilient Point of Sale

Solution to help customers quickly obtain check out quickly yet provide flexibility for store operations.

Lean Retail Resilient Point-Of-Service Application Deployment Guide

February 4, 2009

Cisco and Tomax partnered to deliver a Lean Retail Architecture that is agile and resilient. Tomax, a leading retail application suite provider that includes a resilient point-of-sale (PoS), is coupled with Cisco's Lean Retail Architecture to provide a secure foundation that scales to future business requirements while maintaining efficient and flexible operational costs.

Lean Retail is focused on reducing operating and capital expenses by moving applications from the store to the data center. This philosophy increases business agility and reduces cost.

The concept of business agility includes the following:

  • Moving applications from the store to the data center making patches, upgrades, and maintenance faster and less costly
  • Providing dynamic allocation of servers and storage during application rollout, enabling new projects to come in on time, on budget, and with a faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Handling peak computing scenarios through dynamic allocation, enabling more computer power to be accessible when needed across multiple applications and peak scenarios (store versus web), and handling server failover
  • Managing remotely the servers and applications that must remain in stores, allowing retailers to apply store systems patches and upgrades faster and at less cost.

The most important application in any retailer's environment is the PoS application. Historically, retailers did not consider using a thin or lean (centralized data center deployment versus remote branch deployment) retail PoS application due to the perceived risk of WAN failure. Cisco addresses this issue by providing a robust network infrastructure coupled with advanced technologies that are focused on reliability, resilience, and high availability. Lean Retail is a component of the Connected Retail suite of Cisco's business solutions for retailers. Connected Retail provides a set of reference architectures that demonstrate a flexible retail environment that can scale from the needs of today to the business requirements of tomorrow. Connected Retail ranges from simple store deployments that only use data to complex, large enterprise deployments that integrates data, voice, video, security, and other advanced technologies.

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