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Cisco Virtual Expert Management Design Guide

The Cisco Virtual Expert Management solution is designed for visionary retail executives that want to redefine their relationships with their customer-base by providing a superior consultative experience around complicated products or services. This audience includes CXO, VP of Store Operations, voice and data architects, and any position within the business interested in innovative selling methods. This document describes how to design and implement the Cisco Virtual Expert Management solution.

Cisco's Virtual Expert Management solution enables retailers to directly address the business problems of providing expertise for specialized products, services, or consultative selling by enabling face-to-face consultation through video, voice, and content sharing in the store with the most appropriate subject-matter expert. It locates and seamlessly connects the customer with an expert using skill-based routing and presence availability tracking, enabling all stores to capture the same business opportunity without deploying subject-matter experts at every store.

The Cisco Virtual Expert Management solution not only addresses the specific business challenges, it also provides a powerful collaboration foundation that allows the retailer to derive other benefits outside of the scope of the main aim of the solution.

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