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Flex 7500 Wireless Branch Controller Deployment Guide

March 29, 2013

Branch customers find it increasingly difficult and expensive to deliver full-featured scalable and highly secure network services across geographic locations. To support customers, Cisco is addressing these challenges by introducing the Cisco Flex 7500 solution.

Flex 7500 virtualizes the complex security, management, configuration, and troubleshooting operations within the data center, then transparently extends those services to each branch. Deployments using Flex 7500 are easier for IT to set up, manage and, most importantly, scale.

This document highlights the guidelines and describes the best practices for implementing secured distributed branch networks. Cisco FlexConnect Architecture is recommended for wireless branch networks that meet these design requirements.

Primary Design Requirements

  • Branch size that can scale up to 100 access points (APs) and 250,000 square feet (5000 square feet per AP)
  • Central management and troubleshooting, with no operational downtime
  • Client-based traffic segmentation
  • Transparent and secured wireless connectivity to corporate resources
  • PCI compliant, with support for guests
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