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High-Density Wireless

Serve Multiple Wireless Users

Learn how to deploy a wireless LAN (WLAN) in a high-density environment.

Serve Multiple Wireless Users

High Density Wireless LAN Design

March 29, 2013

Though today's Wi-Fi networks are faster and easier to implement than ever, the basic nature of radio frequency (RF) is generally unchanged. Increasing the number of users who can access a WLAN in a small physical space remains a challenge.

A Cisco Unified Wireless Network architecture supports a successful high-user-density WLAN design that can be proven, implemented, and maintained. The steps and process for this design include:

  • Plan: Determine application and device requirements, such as bandwidth, protocols, frequencies, and service level agreement (SLA)
  • Design: Determine density, cell sizing, antennas, coverage, site survey, and more
  • Implement: Install, test, tune, establish baseline, and more
  • Optimize: Monitor, report, adjust, and review baseline for SLA
  • Operate: Use Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) monitoring, troubleshooting tools, capacity monitoring and reporting tools, and more.
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