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Trading Floor Architecture

Increased competition, higher market data volume, and new regulatory demands are some of the driving forces behind industry changes. Firms are trying to maintain their competitive edge by constantly changing their trading strategies and increasing the speed of trading.

A viable architecture has to include the latest technologies from both network and application domains. It has to be modular to provide a manageable path to evolve each component with minimal disruption to the overall system. Therefore the architecture proposed by this paper is based on a services framework. We examine services such as ultra-low latency messaging, latency monitoring, multicast, computing, storage, data and application virtualization, trading resiliency, trading mobility, and thin client.

The solution to the complex requirements of the next-generation trading platform must be built with a holistic mindset, crossing the boundaries of traditional silos like business and technology or applications and networking.

This document's main goal is to provide guidelines for building an ultra-low latency trading platform while optimizing the raw throughput and message rate for both market data and FIX trading orders.

To achieve this, we are proposing the following latency reduction technologies:

  • High speed inter-connect-InfiniBand or 10 Gbps connectivity for the trading cluster
  • High-speed messaging bus
  • Application acceleration via RDMA without application re-code
  • Real-time latency monitoring and re-direction of trading traffic to the path with minimum latency
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