Financial Branch

Financial Branch

Rapidly deploy reliable and efficient financial services in branch offices.

Financial and Branch Banking Solution Design

April 28, 2011

This design guide is based on financial industry requirements, with a specific focus on branch banking. It encompasses multiple technologies over multiple topologies, as well as Cisco Borderless Networks and Cisco EnergyWise.

Design guidance and best practices are provided to help financial and branch banking organizations address essential concerns, such as regulatory compliance, new service deployment, and server consolidation. Other important issues addressed include the needs of diverse branch sizes and the rapid deployment of microbranches and ATMs.

Lab validation was performed in a financial branch environment over a variety of topologies with a wide range of features and network services. These included high-speed branch WAN performance, as well as:

  • A diverse sets of WAN interfaces, including nXT1, T3, 3G, Ethernet, and nX56k Frame Relay
  • Device integration, including:
      - Routing
      - Switching
      - Security
      - Cisco Wide Area Applications Services (WAAS) acceleration
      - Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony
  • Borderless Networking, with the same services in the branch as in headquarters, plus services on demand
  • EnergyWise
  • High availability and network manageability

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