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Physical Safety for Schools

Physical Safety for School

A safety and security solution designed to accommodate education environments.

Physical Safety for School

Physical Safety for Schools

October 22, 2009

Every day, you strive to make your schools as safe as possible. You develop plans, deploy systems, and train your staff on how to prevent, deter, detect, and respond to safety incidents. And you are doing a great job. Statistics show that schools continue to reduce the number of safety incidents.

However, it just takes one incident to realize your safety plans and systems can always be improved. Incidents ranging from staff and student violence to community violence, including bullying, vandalism and bomb threats, to natural disasters can push your plans and systems to the limit.

Today, schools just like yours are looking for ways to improve communication, collaboration, and cooperation to help ensure students and staff remain safe.

Cisco's Physical Safety for Schools combines technologies from Cisco, leading notification partners, and safety and security partners, to deliver a comprehensive communication, notification, and safety and security solution to help educators, parents and students feel safe and secure so that they can focus on education instead of worrying about the safety of the children.

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