Advanced SAN Design

Advanced SAN Design

Manage increased storage costs by efficiently pooling and scaling storage resources.

Advanced SAN Design Using Cisco MDS 9500 Series Multilayer Directors

December 27, 2007

The Cisco MDS 9000 Family of intelligent multilayer SAN switches continues to offer innovative cost-saving storage solutions and provide SAN connectivity using multiprotocol and multiservice intelligence. Cisco continues to deliver on its strategy of offering a comprehensive manageable, secure, scalable, and resilient SAN product line, with a consistent architecture and software feature set, embedded multiprotocol and multiservice intelligence, backed by an industry-leading support and services organization and a vast network of partners, each leaders in the storage industry.

From a SAN design standpoint, the Cisco MDS 9000 Family of switches offers significant SAN design flexibility, lowering the overall cost and leading to higher returns on investment.

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