Data Center Assurance Program

Cisco Data Center Assurance Program Design Best Practices Tool

At the planning, design and implementation stages of a data center project, use this intuitive, interactive tool to gain easy access to validated designs and test information

Best Practices for Data Center Network Deployments

Accelerate deployment, lower risk, and reduce preproduction testing time and costs with this unique system-level, validated data center network baseline.

Based on a system-level, end-to-end architecture that has undergone extensive testing and validation, the Cisco Data Center Assurance Program (DCAP) System Assurance Guides provide a baseline that:

  • Can substantially reduce preproduction test cycles
  • Accelerate the deployment of new technologies
  • Reduce planning, design, and deployment time
  • Facilitate more cost-effective customization services
  • Ensure simpler and better software selection

Deploying the Data Center Networking Platform

As an extension of the very popular SafeHarbor quality program, DCAP System Assurance Guides help you deploy the robust integrated data center networking platform that your business-critical applications demand.

To make sure this is a collaborative effort, we work with customers to understand the testing priorities and provide full visibility into the configurations, test plans, results, and recommended software versions.

In most cases this baseline should address more than 80 percent of data center networking needs. You can engage with Cisco Partners and get advanced services for the data center to customize the network architecture to meet your specific needs.

Part of the broader Cisco Validated Design program, DCAP offers transparent access to test plans, interoperability matrices, and results to ensure that you have full knowledge about what has been tested and any defects that have been identified.

DCAP System Assurance Guides

System Assurance Guides deliver the results and findings of intensive, ongoing system assurance test programs targeted at major network architectures or technologies.

DCAP System Assurance Guide 4.0 New!

This phase of System Assurance Guide testing builds on the previous phase by tying many of the individual data center elements together through the use of business applications. These applications were built into the topology to demonstrate how each individual element could work together to provide a robust data center deployment. This phase of the System Assurance Guide also incorporates additional data center elements, including:

  • Applications control engine (ACE)
  • Intrusion detection services module (IDSM)
  • 9124e integrated Fibre Channel blade switches for HP c-Class Blade System
  • Ethernet and Fibre Channel pass-thru modules for HP c-Class Blade System
  • Oracle 10g RAC
  • Tibco Rendezvous v7.5 messaging application
  • NetApp IP-based replication over Cisco WAAS
  • Increased scope of data center high availability testing

Download the DCAP 4.0 test plan and results (PDF - 21 MB)
(For a copy of an individual technology chapter, please send a request to SafeHarbor Team)

DCAP System Assurance Guide 3.0

The third phase of System Assurance Guide testing builds on the previous phase by tying many of the individual data center elements together through the use of business applications.

Download the DCAP 3.0 test plan and results (PDF - 18 MB)

View the previous version of the DCAP Interactive Tool(Flash)

DCAP System Assurance Guide 2.0

The second phase of DCAP testing builds on the LAN switching infrastructure elements covered in the first phase and adds additional technologies and coverage for application network services, security services, SAN, SAN extension, global site selection, and wide area application services (WAAS) areas.

View the DCAP 2.0 results.

View previous version of data center design best practices interactive tool including DCAP 2.0(Flash)

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