Internet of Everything Case Study: Central Iowa Power Cooperative

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Improving Lighting Efficiency by Up to 85%

CIPCO deploys a “digital ceiling” of LED lighting powered by Cisco Catalyst switches for a new level of efficiency and control.


CIPCO wanted to demonstrate energy efficiency to the community, optimize work environments for productivity, and prepare for the future of networking.


Cisco was the sole vendor capable of providing network switches that could provide 48 Power over Ethernet ports and deliver 60 watts per port to distribute 100 foot-candles of light. CIPCO used:


  • Efficiency: Reduces lighting energy usage by up to 85 percent
  • Flexibility: Integrates with existing audio-video control system to control lighting
  • Expandability: Supports integration of additional networked devices
The possibilities of Ethernet-powered, software-controlled LED lighting are simply amazing.
- Paul Hofman
Vice President of IT, Central Iowa Power Cooperative