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Bringing enterprise AI into your business process

Companies are dabbling in artificial intelligence, but they rarely know how to make enterprise AI a daily event rather than an add-on to their full slate of projects.

While many companies are considering enterprise AI, most haven’t reached full-scale implementation. Some data indicates, in fact, that only one-third of enterprises have brought enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) to their companies in a “serious way.”

Enterprise AI may require bringing in new skills. Indeed, according to some estimates, there are only about 10,000 people worldwide with the skillsets necessary to work on complex enterprise AI projects. But this isn’t just about skills. This is also about processes and enterprise mind-set. Introducing enterprise AI to business processes requires a shift in how your company operates today—often in departmental silos whose work is too segmented from one another to collaborate in the ways that enterprise AI requires. Combine that with the fact that achieving data insights—and having that data drive business decision making—is such a shift in organizational culture, most companies simply haven’t thought through how to make enterprise AI less add-on and more a foundational step in every business process throughout the company.

In this podcast on bringing enterprise AI to your business, we look at key tips that can help you extend projects from pilot phase to wider-scale adoption. Scott Robinson, CIO at GlenMill, a healthcare company, and Lauren Horwitz of Cisco.com discusses these strategies to make enterprise AI a reality rather than an experimental project.

Introducing enterprise AI to business processes requires a shift in how your company operates today.

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Lauren Horwitz

Lauren Horwitz is the managing editor of Cisco.com, where she covers the IT infrastructure market and develops content strategy. Previously, Horwitz was a senior executive editor in the Business Applications and Architecture group at TechTarget;, a senior editor at Cutter Consortium, an IT research firm; and an editor at the American Prospect, a political journal. She has received awards from American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE), a min Best of the Web award and the Kimmerling Prize for best graduate paper for her editing work on the journal article "The Fluid Jurisprudence of Israel's Emergency Powers.”

Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson is an enterprise architect and AI consultant with a 25-year history in business intelligence, analytics, and content management in the healthcare and logistics industries. He is currently CIO of the GlenMill Group, a research consortium providing new AI technology and infrastructure for enterprise applications and services.