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Security IG

An intelligent network with
built-in security

Constantly protecting and always evolving

Would you rather discover a threat inside your network

Direction location

Time to detection is crucial

Time Detection

It takes most organizations around 100 days to detect a threat.

It takes Cisco 4.6 hours.*

The impact of a security breach is tangible

Sophisticated threats can hide in network blind spots, extracting sensitive
information and causing millions in damage.

8% $5M+
11% $2.5M-4.9M
19% 53% $1M-2.4M
15% $500K-999K
17% $100K-499K
30% Less than $100K

Attacs result in damages
of $500K or more

Brand reputation
Customer retention

Cost of a breach on business functions

Identify and respond to threats faster

With its converged security and networking solutions, Cisco enables
organizations to leverage the intelligence and visibility the network provides
to make more informed decisions on policy and threats.

Continuous visibility
Continuous visibility

Continuous real-time insights to identify and resolve events faster

Zero-trust access
Zero-trust access

Segmentation and verification to proactively stop breaches

Constant protection
Constant protection

Automatic protection by building threat prevention, detection, and response

Identify and respond to threats faster

Cisco DNA software subscriptions for switching, wireless,
and Cisco SD-WAN and routing, include built-in security

Cisco Stealthwatch® Network visibility of all hosts and conversations

Cisco SD-WAN with Cisco Umbrella Insights and Threat Grid Enforcement fabric from WAN to cloud edge

Intent-based network security

Cisco Identity Services Engine group policy for users and devices to trusted services

Cisco SD_Access with Cisco DNA Center Enforcement fabric across wired and wireless access