RF Solutions

Easily Control RF Interference

RF interference causes up to 50% of the problems for wireless networks. It can lead to slow performance or dropped service. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network offers a complete suite of Radio Resource Management tools to improve network visibility and automate control of the RF spectrum. You can use these tools to easily survey and operate a wireless network through:

  • Automatic channel assignment
  • Dynamic transmit power control
  • Coverage hole detection
  • Client load balancing

Start with a Site Survey

With these tools, you can perform an initial site survey to help ensure that your wireless network will deliver the required:

  • Coverage
  • Data rates
  • Network capacity
  • Roaming capability
  • Quality of service

Subsequent site surveys validate system performance and help you identify, work around, and remove sources of interference in the RF landscape.

Manage Your Wireless Network

The Cisco Unified Wireless Network and the Cisco Spectrum Expert offer a combined RF solution that you can use at every stage of a Wi-Fi deployment.

  • Planning: survey the RF landscape beforehand
  • Management: isolate RF issues
  • Troubleshooting: quickly detect root causes

The Cisco Spectrum Analysis tool monitors the airwaves in your wireless network and allows you to:

  • Quickly and accurately determine Wi-Fi spectrum health and sources of interference
  • Manage channel capacity and quality at the physical layer
  • Quickly eliminate interference sources