Resilient Services Solution for Campus Network

Extend Resilient Services to Your Network Edge

Business-critical applications and unified communications demand new resilient services from networks that were originally built for data applications only. These resilient services help ensure that customers, employees, and suppliers always have access to business-critical applications.

Today most enterprises run these services in the core and distribution layers of their campus networks but neglect the access layer (wiring closet), forgetting that it is critical for ensuring consistency of services and applications.

As the first point of contact with the network, wiring closet switches have become the business lifeline for knowledge workers, and the first line of defense for information security. The right Cisco Catalyst switch prepares enterprise wiring closet network infrastructure for present and future applications.

You need resilient services in the wiring closet to achieve:

  • Business continuity (high availability): Real-time recovery, resiliency at the device level, the design level, and the network level
  • Network security: Access layer defense, identity-based trust, device posture assessment, pervasive security, secure management
  • Predictable application performance to support converged applications: Layer 2/3/4 traffic classification (QoS), IP Multicast for new applications
  • Operational efficiency: Automated configuration, proactive diagnostic and resolution, simplified troubleshooting.

These resilient services form the new baseline requirements for the enterprise wiring closet by enabling support for business critical applications.

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