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In today’s fast-moving business environment, success requires delivering on your vision more efficiently than ever before. You need to drive operational excellence by constantly reexamining your business processes and systems to improve productivity, agility, and business continuity as well as ensure customer satisfaction and experience. You also need to drive business innovation by adopting new technology and business strategies to expand your opportunities, business reach, and markets.

The network is critical to meeting these business needs, and Cisco Network Systems provide the platform to address them for companies large and small. The Net Impact Study 2003 (sponsored by Cisco Systems and conducted by Momentum Research Group) found that companies that combined sophisticated network infrastructures with network-based business applications reduced their annual operating costs by more than 20 percent. In addition, these companies measured a 20 to 25 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

Operational Excellence

Network solutions can improve business productivity by enhancing the delivery of application and services, enabling real-time collaboration tools, and more efficient implementation of business processes. Building upon a scalable network architecture allows you to better utilize your assets, and deploy business solutions more rapidly to meet your evolving business needs. Embedding intelligence and security features into the network allow you to address business continuity needs by keeping your network and applications highly available, protecting against security threats both external and internal, as well as regulatory compliance and disaster recovery.

Customer Experience

Network solutions can improve customer service and differentiate your business by extending your geographic reach to allow customers to contact you at any time, from anywhere. In addition, the quality of service can be enhanced to allow you to support and deliver rich media content, such as voice and video. Identity and access solutions can provide customers additional content based on their personal profiles, enabling a more unique and valuable experience.

Business Innovation

Network solutions enable you to take advantage of services and technology advances that can further differentiate your business. These can provide your business access to new markets and opportunities. IP-based voice, wireless, and security are only the first in a new wave of advanced applications that are changing the ways in which businesses operate. Consider how you can best enable your company’s network today so you can continuously take advantage of new applications and services to advance business goals.