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Succeed with Mobility

See what happens when you make it easy for employees and partners to take advantage of mobile technologies. Discover new possibilities for untethered work styles, improved customer engagement, and better connections between people, information, and services. Find new ways to:

  • More securely mobilize your organization
  • Create simple user experiences
  • Free workers to adopt more productive, collaborative, and responsive work styles
  • Optimize operations with our professional services for the mobile workspace

The Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution can help.

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Cisco Mobile Workspace is a highly secure and smart business-to-employee (B2E) solution that simplifies delivery of mobile work environments on any device, anywhere. It delivers mobile workspaces that comprise all the applications, content, communication and collaboration services workers need to do their jobs well.

It is designed to offer a better user experience, reduce complexity, and help ensure security for your organization and your data. The solution combines the breadth of Cisco Unified Access, Security, Collaboration and Data Center technologies with our partners' mobile management and virtualization technologies.

The Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix brings together the technologies of two mobility leaders as a complete and validated business to employee (B2E) mobility solution. It allows you to deploy mobility at your pace with a modular approach that builds on the Cisco Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and Desktop Virtualization Solutions. It combines all the essential hardware and software technologies, services, and support you need to embark on mobility projects with confidence, speed, and reduced risk.

Cisco Mobile Workspace mobilizes organizations and frees workers to adopt more productive, collaborative, and responsive work styles. Among its benefits, it is

Highly Secure:

  • Integrated multi-level security policy and enforcement to protect your network and data
  • Increased control and reduced risk for organizations using mobile devices in their work environment.
  • Contextually based policies that help ensure the right level of access
  • Consistent policy management and enforcement across, users, networks, devices, applications, and data


  • Single integrated solution to simplify delivery of applications, data and collaboration services
  • Modular, simplified, four-step deployment approach so you can deploy in phases
  • Operational simplicity offering easy on-boarding, provisioning, de-provisioning, and off-boarding of mobile devices
  • Simplified user experience through a variety of self-service features and task automation functions.


  • Flexibility to meet different use cases, work styles, business process and regulatory requirements.
  • Support for all application deployment models for added development flexibility
  • Scalable solution accommodating the increasing number of devices and changing demands
  • Application visibility and control for improved user experience and security
  • Mobility Services from Cisco and our partners that provide the expertise to help you from needs assessment through mobile application development

The Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution is a modular enterprise mobility solution. It helps IT deploy any combination of Cisco BYOD, Desktop Virtualization, and Mobile Collaboration solutions to build a complete mobile workspace. The solution comprises a broad set of Cisco technologies together with leading mobile management and virtualization software from our partner Citrix. The products include:


Cisco BYOD Smart Solution
Offer highly secure access of mobile devices to corporate networks.

Cisco Aironet Access Points
Strengthen and optimize wireless performance.

Cisco Wireless Controllers
Support large and small wireless deployments.

Cisco Identity Services Engine
Manage and enforce policy for wireless onboarding and access with security profiles that determine the level of access—empower mobile users to be productive in a secure manner.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobile Client
The industry's leading VPN client is a multi-faceted endpoint software for the broadest set of platforms, which automatically selects the optimal network access point as mobile workers roam for an always-on experience

Cisco Prime Infrastructure
Get complete wired and wireless network management and reporting from a single pane. Cisco Prime Infrastructure functions as the interface for the Cisco Mobility Services Engine.

Partner Mobile Device Management Products
Learn about ISE integration with Mobile Device Management partners

Desktop Virtualization

Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solution
Optimize the delivery of virtual desktops and applications to any device.

Unified Computing and Servers
Deploy, host, and manage virtual desktops on a simpler, more secure, and scalable data center infrastructure.

Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers
Simplify, help secure, and scale from pilots to enterprisewide production virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment.


Cisco Mobile Collaboration
Extend enterprise communications and collaboration to mobile devices

Cisco Jabber
Gain a fully featured desktop or mobile client outside the network. Easily collaborate anywhere, on any device, with presence, IM, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing.

Cisco WebEx Meetings
Meet online wherever you are, on whatever device you prefer: smartphone, tablet, or laptop; iOS, Android, or Windows; 3G or 4G. Access meeting-space content from any browser.

Cisco Expressway
Simplify your mobile collaboration. Collaborate like you would in the office with Cisco Expressway and Jabber.

Partner Technologies

Citrix XenMobile
XenMobile provides mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) products to deliver the quickest path to productivity for mobile users with the lowest cost of ownership:

Citrix XenDesktop
Citrix XenDesktop delivers Windows apps and desktops as highly secure mobile services.