Mobile Workforce Architecture

Get a Strategy for Mobile Security

Learn from the experiences of mobile workers, to safeguard your network.

Get a Strategy for Mobile Security

Deliver highly secure network services to mobile workers anytime, anywhere with Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture (MWA). This framework also helps network administrators cost-effectively deploy services and applications.

MWA Benefits

Consolidate Deployment Types and Cut Costs

MWA supports many mobile devices, including smartphones and laptops, on the Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) platform. Cisco embeds network security into the hardware of every ISR, consolidating all VPN deployment types on one headend router. You can lower the cost of network ownership by deploying a single network for:

  • Teleworkers (Cisco Virtual Office)
  • Branch offices
  • Mobile users (Cisco MWA)

Provide Highly Secure Services

The Cisco MWA vision is to provide highly secure:

  • Automated deployment
  • Connectivity
  • Access to services on smart mobile devices

With highly secure automated deployment, you can easily manage and deploy mobile data, applications, and devices. MWA also delivers highly secure connectivity that:

  • Uses Cisco VPN technologies trusted by a public key infrastructure
  • Supports an always-on VPN and always-on security

In addition, MWA offers highly secure access on smart mobile devices to services such as:

  • Intranet
  • Email
  • Cisco Mobile for iPhone
  • Cisco Jabber for Android
  • Third-party collaboration applications
Solution Overview
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