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Maximize the value of corporate real estate

Corporate real estate is your second biggest expense. Are you making the most of it? Discover how Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) can help you optimize. 

Is your office space is being used?

See where people are

Site surveys are an expensive snapshot. But Wi-Fi-based solutions are always on and use your existing wireless network.

Consolidate to save money

When you know your real occupancy rates, you can consolidate by floor, by building, by campus, or by region.

Know how long they stay

If you can track how long employees stay in a location, you can tell who is remote and who is a visitor.

Reconfigure to match needs

See which areas employees actually use. Then change your floorplan to more effectively accommodate their needs.

Workspace Optimization solutions

Cisco Workplace Analytics

Combine the strengths of Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences with Rifiniti’s Optimo. Our solution continually monitors your employees' location and usage of your office space. Get the visibility and insights you need to optimize your real estate spending.


For deployments that require highly granular location, augment CMX with our hyperlocation solution.