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Get customers where they want to go

Help your customers save time and enhance their experience through indoor navigation.

By providing indoor navigation, you can...

Save time

Help your customers get to their destination faster and with less frustration.

Deliver relevance

Provide relevant content, including coupons, based on location.

Enhance the experience

Highlight points of interest to add relevance and to build greater value and loyalty.

Understand behavior

Serve customers better by seeing how they move through your space.

What to consider

Select an indoor-navigation solution that fits the outcomes you want. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences supports high-accuracy wayfinding tools.

Rich analytics

If you're looking for richer analytics or integration with other Wi-Fi-based solutions, choose CMX and our Hyperlocation module.

Proximity marketing

If you prefer quickly deployed solutions and proximity marketing, consider CMX and CMX Engage solutions