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Delivering contextually aware business data

A growing number of Cisco technology partners are increasing the business value and extending the applications of Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX). Each of these solutions uses CMX location data to provide contextually aware, relevant data.

Use these applications to enhance a visitor’s experience and gain presence and location analytics that can help you make more informed decisions.

The Cisco CMX Premier Partner Program makes it easy for you to engage partners who have demonstrated industry, application, and regional expertise. These partners deliver proven business value as part of a complete CMX solution.

Phunware helps businesses engage, manage, and monetize their anytime and anywhere users with contextual, location-aware mobile experiences.
Use cases: Mobile application development and Connected Mobile Experiences integration, wayfinding, mapping, notifications
Industries: Media and entertainment, healthcare, airports, residential, retail

Intelligent InSites develops software that helps healthcare providers easily see the location and contextual information of equipment, patients and staff, empowering them to reduce steps, phone calls and other interruptions.
Use cases: Locate (People and Equipment), Asset Optimization, Ambulatory Patient Flow, ED Intelligence, PAR Level Management, Staff Backup and Environmental Monitoring
Industry: Healthcare

CenTrak provides clinical-grade visibility solutions that enable new levels of healthcare automation. Healthcare providers can achieve more with fewer resources while increasing patient and staff safety, security, and satisfaction.
Use cases: Asset management, patient safety, clinical operations, environmental monitoring
Industry: Healthcare

Entappia helps schools and students succeed by transforming parent engagement. Its effective mobile app connects teachers, schools, parents, students, and the community while eliminating the funding issues that plague schools worldwide.
Use cases: Mobile app for connecting teachers, students, and communities
Industry: Education

Rifiniti automates data gathering, analysis, and reporting to provide powerful insights on workplace utilization and employee mobility. Leveraging CMX, machine learning, and other data sources, Rifiniti quickly delivers analytics that can drive significant savings.
Use cases: Workplace utilization, corporate growth planning, re-location, consolidation
Industry: Corporate real estate for multiple industries