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Total Economic Impact of Cisco Borderless Networks

Big Savings Possible with Borderless

There is potential for a strong financial impact as a result of deploying Cisco Borderless Networks in your organization.

Forrester Consulting interviewed 13 Cisco customers in a study commissioned by Cisco. Forrester conceptualized a composite organization based in North America, with 5000 employees providing manufacturing, distribution, and services worldwide. The organization had a large global operation, including 40 branch offices in North America and 10 branch offices in Europe and Asia.

For this representative organization, Forrester projected the following quantifiable benefits:

  • Mobility productivity savings: US$5,400,000
  • Security benefits and cost savings: US$711,000
  • Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) benefits and cost savings: US$2,367,600

Borderless Networks is a comprehensive architecture, which, for this case study, incorporates routing, switching, mobility, security, and WAN optimization using WAAS solutions.

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