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Cisco Blockchain

Build trust-based business networks for digital transformation.

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Blockchain that's built for business


Intuitive and easy to use, Cisco cuts the complexity in building, deploying, and integrating blockchain applications.


Leverage our cutting-edge security capabilities to protect your business applications on the blockchain.


Our high-availability, distributed systems with advanced network intelligence deliver Internet-scale transactions.

Industry leaders believe in blockchain


Blockchain is transforming the way manufacturers operate.

Rockwell Automation

Blockchain is helping companies reimagine industrial processes.


With blockchain, supply chains are becoming more efficient.

Businesses need an enterprise-ready platform


Fully decentralized permissioned network

Truly decentralized consensus protocol to enable trusted multi-enterprise business networks.

Fine-grained information confidentiality

Full control over data privacy through jurisdiction and role-based selective disclosure.

Predictive threat analytics and collusion control

AI-based algorithms detect malicious behavior and protect your network from cyberthreats.

Blockchain network scalability

High scalability and transaction throughput to meet demanding enterprise needs.


Flexible framework to compose use case optimized stack

Modular design supports plugins for customized components to optimize blockchain based on use cases.


Developer resources

Learn about new developer tools and resources when our beta program launches.


Cisco is driving industry efforts to lead blockchain from experimentation to widespread adoption.

Building tomorrow’s economy on the blockchain

See how the intersection of the physical world with blockchain is driving a new frontier of services and monetization models.

Cisco blockchain blog

See how Cisco technologies are enhancing the blockchain.

Industry-leading alliances

Cisco is leading consortium efforts to drive blockchain from proof of concepts to industry-wide adoption.

Cisco helps accelerate blockchain adoption


Leverage powerful system and network analytics.

Industry-leading partners

Work with our ecosystem of trusted partners to build cutting-edge solutions


Scale your blockchain implementation with Cisco Services.


Take advantage of Cisco’s leadership in security, identity, and cryptography to protect your applications.

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