Unified Model-Based Management

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Simplify Data Center Management and Increase Reliability

Unified Model-Based Management maintains models of desired server configurations, including network and storage connectivity requirements. It provisions servers by associating these models with system resources, for consistent, error-free alignment of policy, personality, and workload.

Using Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager, administrators can create a service profile through an intuitive GUI. They configure the actual server and its I/O connectivity by associating this service profile with physical resources.

This approach:

  • Reliably automates infrastructure provisioning
  • Makes it impossible to create non-compliant configurations
  • Eliminates the need for individual element managers to manually configure each system resource

For greater operational scale, Cisco UCS Manager aggregates element management and monitoring of devices in the hardware and I/O stack. It helps enable XML-based API access, through over 20 industry- standard provisioning and orchestration tools.

Reduce Configuration Errors and Increase IT Productivity

Unified Model-Based Management provides:

  • Increased IT staff efficiency, as configuring hundreds of servers is no more time-consuming than configuring one
  • Flexible, automatic hardware configuration, which provides ideal support for cloud computing environments
  • Role-based access control and policy-based management, which preserve roles-based separation of concerns, increased staff productivity, and lower costs
  • Support for current organizational structure without constraining future evolution
  • Self-aware, self-integrating system that can automatically add servers to resource pools (once installed into blade chassis)

Administrators can use service profiles templates to:

  • Speed up deployment and repurposing of infrastructure
  • Increase accuracy and utilization
  • Reduce downtime and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Reduce number of hot spares needed